Applehouse CBD Brazilian Orange Topical Salve 2000mg  4 oz.

Applehouse CBD Brazilian Orange Topical Salve 2000mg 4 oz.

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Topical CBD salve is applied to skin to help reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness that can occur from a variety of skin conditions. It provides more effective relief than CBD oil because it can be applied directly to the problem areas. CBD salve is perfect for joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties and instant pain relief.

I’m new to cannabinoid products, is this legal?

Yes. The cannabis products that are currently considered illegal are because they contain THC above the current threshold according to the Farm Bill Act of 2018. The cannabinoid-based products that we sell, comply with the act’s threshold for THC. This makes them legal to ship, possess, and consume; even in states that have not legalized THC containing products. The 2018 Farm Bill, signed by President Trump in 2018, allows for the sale of hemp derived products, as long as the THC levels the product contains is below the .03% THC threshold. You can verify that all our products meet the current legislative guidelines by viewing the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for each product.

What more can I know about CBD?

What is CBD exactly? CBD or Cannabidiol is a specific compound found in hemp and cannabis plants that have been known to trigger receptors in the brain as well as the body and help promote general health & wellness. In recent years, studies have shown that CBD products have proven themselves to be a great “Alternative” to over the counter or prescribed pharmaceuticals in their ability to provide relief for a variety of numerous ailments. Here at Natural Gold Farms, all products we provide are hemp derived.